Digital Cover Art Design

Your single/album is recorded, mixed and mastered. Ready to upload. Great! But aren’t you forgetting something? There is one more key element that is crucial to have before you upload: the digital cover art in the perfect format. Stores are very strict about this.

We can help you with that. Tell us about your concept. Do you want it to be a photo, do you want it drawn? Do you already have a photo but need someone to turn it into the perfect cover art for your masterpiece? We offer our own affordable services since we have contacts with really cool graphic designers. But if you have a crazy idea that we can not execute, we can help you find someone who can. We are here to help and we try to give you all the assistance you need in one place. No more shady Fiverr orders, no more spending precious money on something you are not satisfied with. 

Send us an e-mail to talk about the details, please mention “COVERART” in the subject line.