There is not one special formula and we have to give you the cliché answer: be yourself. Although… if you’re too talkative there might be a little problem. Be specific, straightforward and don’t make us go through entire novels because… to be honest, we are most likely not gonna’ read it and move on to the next e-mail.

First of all: Say “Hello”!

Second of all: The “Subject” of the mail should already give us an idea of why you’re writing to us. Examples: “Request for single review” or “Single by Artist – release date: “

Third of all: Include easily accessible links to your release, if it’s already out, we love Spotify or YouTube, if it’s not, please send a private SoundCloud link and nothing that we have to download. Again, EASY ACCESS is key here.

Fourth of all: Let us know if you’d like to debut your release on our blog or if you want to offer us an exclusive, meaning that we write about it before it is even out on other platforms. In that case we need the e-mail to reach us at least two weeks before the release date. 

Fifth of all: Be prepared that if we decide to do a feature, whether it’s a review or interview, we might ask you for additional material like the digital cover art or press photos of you/your band.

Sixth of all: Include a VERY short bio, who you are, what you’re about. 

Seventh of all: Include a 2-3 sentence description of your release.

Lastly: If you send us a press release that includes the information required at points 6 and 7, you can skip those steps, no need for repetition.

Contact at at!

If you only want us to consider your song for playlist placements, you can add it to this collaborative playlist! (and if we REALLY like it we might even give you a blog feature)