Being featured on a blog or getting on a Spotify editorial playlist are only two out of the  many major goals every independent artist has on their lists of “things to achieve soon”. Here at Undies, we want to help you with at least one of those, and NO, we don’t care about genres and labels and categories and how many followers you have on Instagram. If you are passionate about music and believe you have what it takes… pitch us your single, EP, album, new music video. We are here to showcase up-and-coming artists who haven’t gotten their chance to shine in the spotlight yet. And boy we are eager to meet you!

Our writers:

Founder of Undies and editor-in-chief, RĂ©ka started on this journey to create a community of music lovers who are always searching for new, undiscovered sounds. Currently doing her masters in Music Management and trying to upkeep a career as an independent musician, she wants to turn this into something great! Writes about all genres.

Co-owner of Undies and writer of the “Tips” section, Nico is always here to help. As an independent musician himself, he has experience in producing, distributing and promoting his own music. Mainly lover of chill pop tunes but he is open to any genre.