Hello world!

It’s PUZZLS here! Today we finally posted the pilot episode of this podcast on YouTube. This one will only be available there, but starting with the first actual episode, they will be uploaded on Spotify as well.

These beginnings are always filled with some little mishaps and things that now I wish I would have done differently, but I really feel that the biggest step has now been taken and there’s only up from here on out. If I would think of every aspect I would like to change while editing, I would never get to post anything, and overall, I think it’s a good introductory episode. That was the point all along, to introduce ourselves and give you a little sense of what the podcast will be about. Therefore I’ve decided to let go of the fact that I hate my hair, or my posture sometimes, or the fact that I look too scared and awkward on camera and upload. (Yes, I’ve thought about trashing this many times).

But enough of all this talking, here is the episode where we talk about new releases, Christmas in 2020 and more: