ROLE MODEL wants her forever&more

Genre: Pop

The 24 year old Tucker Pillsbury, also known as ROLE MODEL, just released his first single of the year. His discography begins in 2017 with a 4 track EP titled “ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER” and by now he has established quite a fanbase that enjoys genre bending pop. As a bonus, he released a music video as well:

The song starts with a simple guitar riff which urges you to anticipate the beat that makes your head bop as soon as it begins. This guitar-drum instrumental continues throughout the verses, while the production starts to build up more only in the pre-chorus. The use of a lap steel guitar adds something unique to the whole and a synth melody is woven into the track to bring the last chorus to the most intense level of the production. Simple yet effective.

By the end of the summer, she was a lover
I saw her ex and he's dressing like me
Hair kinda messy like me
Nobody gets it like me

“forever&more” is undoubtedly a love song. Love is maybe the most used theme in any form of art, and humans have written, sang, painted, performed etc. about it for hundreds of thousands of years, therefore nowadays it is very hard to create something that is fully unique…and I don’t even know if we must to be honest. Even though Tucker’s release has some overused ideas like: “she don’t pay rent but she stay in my mind”, referring to her as an angel,  mentioning that they have a special song, and of course, the wanting to be together “forever & more” – there is something about the way everything was crafted together that these (which normally would) don’t bother me. His angel is wearing plaid so I guess these little updates make it sound current without being too familiar. The atmosphere of the whole is very lighthearted, playful and it overall makes for a very pleasant summer love song. 

Tucker’s voice is also very unique and it is interesting to find out that he began singing…by accident? He rapped and wanted to be part of the film industry before realising that he can sing as well! What a lucky accident, the world would have been much emptier without such a voice.

Ooh, I've never felt like this before
Can't pick myself up off the floor
That's something new, I'm stuck with you

The music video premiered a few hours ago and it is just as lively as the song, giving me a sense of nostalgia and I don’t know about you, but it reminds me of old teen movies in a way. It is from the present but at the same time from the past. Maybe that means it is from the future as well, as this theme of young love is so cyclic. 

And last but not least… let’s give a little extra credit to the cover art photograph, I mean… we gotta love a man who is confident enough to wear a bridal headpiece and veil.

Listen to the song here:


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