From Slowthai to Carson Coma – What is it like to attend a festival in the middle of a pandemic?

As a devoted fan of concerts, festivals, and music in general, I, like many others, were devastated when the whole World went under lockdown last year. That meant that not only we couldn’t leave the house without a mask and had to minimize social interactions, but we had to say goodbye to all our beloved summer festivals too. Personally, it was especially hard to let go of Electric Castle, one of the most popular festivals held in Romania, because it would’ve been the perfect graduation gift to attend the concert of an amazing line-up after finishing my university studies, thus including Twenty One Pilots, Machine Gun Kelly, The Neighbourhood, Alec Benjamin or Foals. The waves of the pandemic covered everything in the blink of an eye and washed away all my hopes and dreams for the best festival experience I could’ve ever had. 

Thankfully, this year the organizers came up with the idea of Electric Castle Special, which was similar to the original festival, only shaped in such ways to align with the criteria of holding concerts in the middle of a pandemic, which meant that those who were vaccinated or did a PCR test before entering the festival, could fully enjoy live music this August. One part of the festival was held in Bontida, the other took place in Cluj and included multiple locations with various stages. I had the sheer luck of my workplace collaborating with the festival, and this is how I got in, free of charge (of course, with the Vaccination Certificate and the intention to work), and was able to attend two concerts I was looking forward to the most – Slowthai and Carson Coma.

Slowthai is a British rapper from Northampton, and I have to admit, I only discovered his existence maybe a month before the festival started, thanks to an ad on which you could hear Doorman, a song he made in collaboration with Mura Masa. His music is a combination of hip-hop, punk-rap, and grime, some containing his views on political issues regarding Great Britain, which lead to a little bit of controversy around his name. I went specifically for this one song (worth it, I still remember how an old man was dancing next to me and just vibing to his music, probably having zero clue about what the lyrics meant), but I ended up staying for the whole concert because he was not only a genius on the stage but also very inspirational in all he was saying. To be frank, he made his way into my heart pretty fast and I just loved how open and outspoken he was. I would definitely recommend giving his music a go if one is not afraid to hear some spicy manifestations here and there.

Now you see, Carson Coma is the other end of the spectrum when it comes to my taste in music. While Slowthai could be called bold, fearless, and vulgar, Carson Coma is just a bunch of guys who give you the silly and awkward “boy next door” vibes, they are like the epitome of what a bohemian is. I became a fan of this Hungarian band a year ago when they released their album called Lesz, ami lesz (What will be, will be) which gained a lot of popularity and not by accident! They are a fresh addition to the Hungarian musical palette, mostly thanks to how they are able to combine and cover multiple genres, from alternative rock to the beat music of the 60s, and the way their lyrics work so well with what they intend to communicate into the World (a little fun fact is that they sing in English too, and even have a song in Italian). 

The connection they have with each other and with their fans is insane, not to mention how purely talented and bright these guys are. Me and my friend who loves Carson Coma just as much as I do, couldn’t skip the opportunity to attend their concert. And we are so glad that we went! I can’t say there were many people there (If somehow any of the Carson Coma members ever stumble across this article, I have a message for you guys: Please don’t let this discourage you and come back to Cluj someday to play many more amazing shows! In fact, I know people who couldn’t attend the festival, but would’ve loved to be there.), but these guys had so much energy, put their heart and soul into the whole show, and were really humble and kind to the people who gathered to see them, as they came down to chat a bit and take some photos with the fans. It was such a great experience to see and hear them live in so many ways, and I am really grateful that I could be a part of it.

To conclude all, Electric Castle Special was an amazing experience, even if I couldn’t enjoy all the concerts held. My heart is still aching for the Aurora concert I had to skip because of work, but I believe that both Slowthai and Carson Coma did a great job fulfilling the “withdrawal symptoms” that last year caused in me with the canceled festival season. My advice for you is: don’t waste your youth by not attending festivals. It could change your life and get you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible! And yes, I know, the pandemic isn’t something that should be toyed with, but as the example above states, it is possible to have fun in a carefully checked and well-organized environment, if people decide to behave like decent human beings, and follow the rules required.

I hope that next year will bring back the original festival too, and we will be able to enjoy the live music experience further!

Introducing Azahriah

From trap and pop to alternative, Azahriah is someone you can’t fit into only one specific genre. The young self-taught artist already earned a solid fanbase in Hungary, but he has all the odds in favor to be known on an even wider spectrum as he mainly writes songs in English, having a few Hungarian lyrics as well. The 19-year-old boy is on the right path to success and with a variety of songs about love, depression, or anything he comes face to face within his personal life, he certainly brings something new and refreshing to the musical palette, as he is growing as a performer and a lyricist during the whole process of self-discovery and learning about the perks and setbacks of how the music industry works. You don’t wanna miss out on this rising talent!

Listen to Azahriah here:

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Introducing PUZZLS

“Singer-songwriter with a Film degree” – this is in all my bios. Yes, I am PUZZLS and since I started this blog and I have to write the initial posts, I will have to introduce myself as well. It would feel weird to do it in the 3rd person, so here I am.

I only started writing and recording in 2019 even if music was part of my life since forever and I’ve been performing since I was a child. Finishing university and realising that I had no idea what to do with my life pushed me towards fulfilling my greatest passion. I still love film and directing and editing, don’t get me wrong, I believe my passions co-exist, there is always need for music videos, you know what I mean?

Anyways, getting back to the bio, I believe I have a pretty versatile style, I have collaborated on Pop, Alternative R&B, Alternative Rock, Indie and EDM songs, but I believe the genre I want to go towards with my own stuff is definitely indie, alternative pop, rock and r&b, and my debut EP “Steps” is closer to that than anything I’ve released before. It is a process, but slowly I’m getting there.

Listen to my music here:

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Introducing Izabel

I came across the 19 years old Izabel last year on Instagram. Her voice and vulnerability blew me away from the first moment I heard her singing on “Space Lullaby”, the debut single she released at the end of 2019. Since then she has been a busy bee working on amazing indie-pop tunes and has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. That is something remarkable for such a young musician working out of her bedroom. With soft vocals and enchanting lyrics, she is able to capture deep emotions that teleport you into her own magical world. She is hard working, she is extremely talented and there is only a matter of time until the whole world recognises this fact. Until then, consider yourself lucky to be among the first people who can listen to her art.

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Introducing Nick Jacobs

When he was 6 years old, Nick started to learn the drums and since then, he discovered and deepened his love for music of all kinds, especially acoustic pop. When he joined his first band Moonclub at age 15, he was sure he wanted to become a rock star. After the high school band split up a few months later, he started to pick up the guitar to write original songs. That is how he fell in love with this instrument and the guitar has since remained his go-to instrument.

He made our lockdown better with his ukulele gem “Quarantine Alone” and surprised us with an amazingly high quality music video for “Brainwashed”. What is coming next? Only exciting stuff… a little birdie told me he is working on chill pop music to enchant your ears and mend your soul!

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Introducing Colds

Indie pop magician with tinnitus in his right ear, Colds is another undiscovered gem that you might be interested in… And a little birdie told me that he is preparing his EP this summer! Working out of his home studio in The Netherlands, the young DIY bop maker will take you on carefree summer days and unforgettable late night drives. Definitely be on the look-out for this one!

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Introducing fil ricchiardi

Musician since the age of twelve and currently on the way to becoming a world renowned neuroscientist turned musician, fil is an undie to put on your radar! The 20 year old singer, songwriter and producer who describes his genre as indie-pop-folk has only three singles out so far, but boy oh boy how good they are and how many new exciting things are in the works… Don’t let him get out of your sight! Google and Alexa might not recognise his name yet, but you definitely should.

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