Introducing PUZZLS

“Singer-songwriter with a Film degree” – this is in all my bios. Yes, I am PUZZLS and since I started this blog and I have to write the initial posts, I will have to introduce myself as well. It would feel weird to do it in the 3rd person, so here I am.

I only started writing and recording in 2019 even if music was part of my life since forever and I’ve been performing since I was a child. Finishing university and realising that I had no idea what to do with my life pushed me towards fulfilling my greatest passion. I still love film and directing and editing, don’t get me wrong, I believe my passions co-exist, there is always need for music videos, you know what I mean?

Anyways, getting back to the bio, I believe I have a pretty versatile style, I have collaborated on Pop, Alternative R&B, Alternative Rock, Indie and EDM songs, but I believe the genre I want to go towards with my own stuff is definitely indie, alternative pop, rock and r&b, and my debut EP “Steps” is closer to that than anything I’ve released before. It is a process, but slowly I’m getting there.

Listen to my music here:

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