Colds’ latest single “Run” will be stuck in your head

Genre: Electronic Indie Pop

Colds likes to make it known that he goes far for his idols. He travelled 8 hours on a bus from Groningen to Berlin just to see Kim Petras perform one of her earliest shows in Europe. This is something we have in common, or almost, my transportation of choice was the train and I had to travel almost 14 hours to get to Budapest for the Twenty One Pilots concert. I had no accommodation and I was on the first train back after the concert was over. Fun times!

But this is not about our passion for our favourite artists. This is about “Run”, a song that can keep you company if you ever decide to take such a trip… Or even when you don’t, nowadays it is a bit hard to do such a thing. Just take a break from your daily tasks and take yourself IN (see what I did there?) for a solo bedroom party. Put on your headphones or blast it through your speakers. Play “Run” by Colds. This electronic indie pop tune has the perfect melodies with which you can turn into the main character and live a little at your solo dance. Wait… why am I focusing so much on solo? You have flatmates, family members around? Good, invite them too, and enjoy this bop which according to Colds is: “a heartbreak song on which you can dance and cry at the same time.

I would definitely agree. There is something about a song in which the lyrics and the melodies are dissimilar, making you dance to your sorrows. It is a completely unique way of experiencing fully and letting go. Dreamy synths and fun beats will make you bop your head to your pain. And if not your own pain, the one from your imaginary life in your head, I know it lives in your head, don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

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