“Life is free” or is it? Slum Sociable’s single will make you wonder…

Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Dance

I probably have been living under a rock. That is my only explanation for not hearing about this duo from Melbourne sooner. And they have been around for a while, since 2015. Sometimes I’m mad at the Spotify algorithm, but I forgive each miss for this recommendation.

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for Arctic Monkeys. And something about the vocals in this song made me think of Alex Turner. I had to take a break and look up what I’m listening to. And now… I have it on repeat.

’Life Is Free’ was called that because, it isn’t. The second line of the song points that out; “how can I say that knowingly”. It’s about noticing how valuable a resource like time is, how you use it with the people in your life, how other people who might not have it as good as you use it, and ultimately trying to use it for good. – Miller from Slum Sociable

The sound is incredibly fresh and unique. They captured my attention from the first second. And this is not their only good song. The new EP titled “The Street of Dire News” came out this year, the only thing is… it looks like it’s their last project. I feel weird introducing something that is already over, but at least their songs will still be there for us to enjoy. And I urge you to listen because there is something special here.

Look how the time flies overhead
Don’t you think we could be better?
Oh timelessly
I keep the same things close to me

Listen to “Life is free” here:

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