Clairo – Sling review: sweet tunes with a pinch of heartache

Genre: Indie-Pop-Folk / Soft Rock

Clairo’s brand new album couldn’t have had a more fitting title. Just as a sling that holds up hanging weights, the singer’s new EP carries within itself a thousand feelings while trying to get a grip of longing for someone or something missed or not yet found, attached to the context of domesticity, caring for yourself and for other beings. The songs are an epitome of self-awareness, a journey of awakening with bits of melancholy, loneliness, regrets, spoken and unspoken words, but also freedom and a search for closure and acceptance. 

The softness of this album is not only reflected in its melodies, but also in the short, delicate titles and the simplicity of the cover. The composition was undeniably handled with care and patience, outthought, and cleverly put together. Listening to it gives you the feeling of standing in the middle of a field on a summer day, enjoying the breeze, thinking about all the struggles and hardships of life in the calmest way possible.

As a lyricist, Clairo is impeccable. She is able to express her thoughts and feelings in such beautiful and special ways, using  words that make it hard not to be mesmerised. One of her lyrics that captured me for example is from the track called ‘Partridge’: Comfortable, unmotivated always/ Seeking other stories, other memories/ I’m sorry I have to hold you longer than you expected/ It’s only temporary. 

However, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something is lacking within this new album, and that would be what I’d call the element of surprise. Most of the songs feel a bit plain and alike when it comes to the sounding, it’s hard to distinguish them from one another, like they are carrying the same tunes over and over again, which is fine as they capture the atmosphere of the artist’s volition perfectly, yet it could’ve been more relatable with just a little bit of spice added to them. 

All in all, the album is worth a shot if you’re craving for something simple yet meaningful, with sweet tunes and a pinch of heartache.

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