Be prepared to be mesmerised by fil ricchardi’s latest single “Hourglass”

Genre: Indie-Pop-Folk

My favourite rising star in the indie-pop-folk genre, fil ricchardi managed to blow me away with this song. I knew he was something special the moment I heard the first few words he sang on this single. He has one of the most unique voices I know. He also has a special ability to transmit emotions almost effortlessly. The melodies travel through his vocals and individual chord progressions right into your soul, but on the way in, your ears and mind will be delighted to decipher the work of a smart lyricist who uses simplicity to his advantage.

I always say that good lyrics writing is either finding very unique and smart ways of saying something that has been said many times before (all themes in art have been used and re-used millions of times so there is a need for this) or being incredibly simple but particular. People will relate more to something specific even if those specifics don’t apply to them directly. They will project their own experiences and emotions onto the lyrics, the song, on what the artist was trying to convey.

fil manages to find a perfect balance between the two and enhances the effect with beautifully describing the physical feeling of someone’s hands slipping out of his. Reflecting on past decisions and the the difference between expectations during the last few moments of a relationship, he chooses to live in denial and prefers to enjoy the final hours before she walks out the door.

Listen to “Hourglass” here:

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