Introducing Izabel

I came across the 19 years old Izabel last year on Instagram. Her voice and vulnerability blew me away from the first moment I heard her singing on “Space Lullaby”, the debut single she released at the end of 2019. Since then she has been a busy bee working on amazing indie-pop tunes and has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. That is something remarkable for such a young musician working out of her bedroom. With soft vocals and enchanting lyrics, she is able to capture deep emotions that teleport you into her own magical world. She is hard working, she is extremely talented and there is only a matter of time until the whole world recognises this fact. Until then, consider yourself lucky to be among the first people who can listen to her art.

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Colds’ latest single “Run” will be stuck in your head

Genre: Electronic Indie Pop

Colds likes to make it known that he goes far for his idols. He travelled 8 hours on a bus from Groningen to Berlin just to see Kim Petras perform one of her earliest shows in Europe. This is something we have in common, or almost, my transportation of choice was the train and I had to travel almost 14 hours to get to Budapest for the Twenty One Pilots concert. I had no accommodation and I was on the first train back after the concert was over. Fun times!

But this is not about our passion for our favourite artists. This is about “Run”, a song that can keep you company if you ever decide to take such a trip… Or even when you don’t, nowadays it is a bit hard to do such a thing. Just take a break from your daily tasks and take yourself IN (see what I did there?) for a solo bedroom party. Put on your headphones or blast it through your speakers. Play “Run” by Colds. This electronic indie pop tune has the perfect melodies with which you can turn into the main character and live a little at your solo dance. Wait… why am I focusing so much on solo? You have flatmates, family members around? Good, invite them too, and enjoy this bop which according to Colds is: “a heartbreak song on which you can dance and cry at the same time.

I would definitely agree. There is something about a song in which the lyrics and the melodies are dissimilar, making you dance to your sorrows. It is a completely unique way of experiencing fully and letting go. Dreamy synths and fun beats will make you bop your head to your pain. And if not your own pain, the one from your imaginary life in your head, I know it lives in your head, don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

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Album cover

“Life is free” or is it? Slum Sociable’s single will make you wonder…

Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Dance

I probably have been living under a rock. That is my only explanation for not hearing about this duo from Melbourne sooner. And they have been around for a while, since 2015. Sometimes I’m mad at the Spotify algorithm, but I forgive each miss for this recommendation.

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for Arctic Monkeys. And something about the vocals in this song made me think of Alex Turner. I had to take a break and look up what I’m listening to. And now… I have it on repeat.

’Life Is Free’ was called that because, it isn’t. The second line of the song points that out; “how can I say that knowingly”. It’s about noticing how valuable a resource like time is, how you use it with the people in your life, how other people who might not have it as good as you use it, and ultimately trying to use it for good. – Miller from Slum Sociable

The sound is incredibly fresh and unique. They captured my attention from the first second. And this is not their only good song. The new EP titled “The Street of Dire News” came out this year, the only thing is… it looks like it’s their last project. I feel weird introducing something that is already over, but at least their songs will still be there for us to enjoy. And I urge you to listen because there is something special here.

Look how the time flies overhead
Don’t you think we could be better?
Oh timelessly
I keep the same things close to me

Listen to “Life is free” here:

Introducing Nick Jacobs

When he was 6 years old, Nick started to learn the drums and since then, he discovered and deepened his love for music of all kinds, especially acoustic pop. When he joined his first band Moonclub at age 15, he was sure he wanted to become a rock star. After the high school band split up a few months later, he started to pick up the guitar to write original songs. That is how he fell in love with this instrument and the guitar has since remained his go-to instrument.

He made our lockdown better with his ukulele gem “Quarantine Alone” and surprised us with an amazingly high quality music video for “Brainwashed”. What is coming next? Only exciting stuff… a little birdie told me he is working on chill pop music to enchant your ears and mend your soul!

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Introducing Colds

Indie pop magician with tinnitus in his right ear, Colds is another undiscovered gem that you might be interested in… And a little birdie told me that he is preparing his EP this summer! Working out of his home studio in The Netherlands, the young DIY bop maker will take you on carefree summer days and unforgettable late night drives. Definitely be on the look-out for this one!

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Introducing fil ricchiardi

Musician since the age of twelve and currently on the way to becoming a world renowned neuroscientist turned musician, fil is an undie to put on your radar! The 20 year old singer, songwriter and producer who describes his genre as indie-pop-folk has only three singles out so far, but boy oh boy how good they are and how many new exciting things are in the works… Don’t let him get out of your sight! Google and Alexa might not recognise his name yet, but you definitely should.

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