Matheus Who and the struggles of a 21st century artist in the online sphere

Genre: Alternative / Indie. Photograph by João  Martins.

Matheus Who is an incredible Brazilian talent who will blow you away with his perfectly crafted indie songs… And not just, because with every tune comes the ideal conception of visual imagery and aesthetic photographic artistry. His latest song “Inconsequente” takes a step back from previous themes and tackles a profoundly relatable subject matter about the negative aspects of social media where the expectations are too high and sometimes difficult to upkeep.

Being an artist, especially in a country like Brazil, where arts are not taken seriously and have no value at all, feelings of anxiety and pressure can arise. Arts are being looked at with critical eyes in general. A lot of people don’t understand how much time, drive and dedication it takes to finish a piece, and they also don’t comprehend how much art is around them 24/7. An artist designed the logo of their company, artists made the music they are listening to daily on the way to work, school, in the gym, artists made their favourite movies and TV shows they are watching every night, someone also had to write the books they are reading… art is all around yet still criminally underrated and artists get judged for not working for free and struggling. 

On top of that, social media adds another layer to this pressure, because in that sphere, everyone is a critic and considers themselves experts in other stranger’s lives. In Matheus’ words “I felt like 24/7 we have to post that we are improving and getting better in our artistry or people judge that you are not working at all”. So apparently if you don’t post about working every day, you are living the high life and do not make enough effort for your career. “Inconsequente” is about this tension and dealing with the stress of trying to be enough in an overly demanding world. 

“E eu nem sei mais                                                                           E eu nem sei mais por que                                                           Eu passo pela porta de quem não quer nem me ver”

“And I don’t even know anymore
And I don’t even know why anymore
I walk through the door of those who don’t even want to see me”

The song is written from the perspective of a lonely soul that wanders and wonders and lately finds themselves in their own company often, feeling comfortable. His old friends already live a life without him (“Meus antigos amigos já vivem uma vida sem mim”) but the lyrics are hopeful, stating  that they’ll be there soon: “Que daqui a pouco eu chego lá”.

The entire production feels like a hug, with the dreamy synths embracing you and telling you that it is okay to feel this pressure but do have a coffee to de-stress (“Tomar un café pra desestressar”).

I also advise you to take a look at the lyrics video, which is an absolute fit to the song and the editing is right up my experimental-loving alley. Split screens, overlays, funky movements, handwritten lyrics and hand drawn illustrations, the video has it all, but it goes together perfectly.

Listen to “Inconsequente” here and while you’re at it, check out his other songs as well (my personal favourite is “A Gente Vai Dançar”:



Album cover
Lyrics video

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