Mar Malade will make you want to travel to Mexico

Genre: Indie/Pop/Folk

Woke up early this morning. Went directly to the bathroom and got into the shower, but not without starting my Discover Weekly playlist. Some decent songs were recommended to me but one particularly caught my attention. It had unusual lyrics like “spice my love/ I wanna chop you into bites” and “make a sandwich outta you/ put some ham on, make me chew”. I am a sucker for compelling lyrics so as soon as I got out of the shower I had to save and revisit the song.

The lyrics wasn’t the only thing that got me interested. “Mexico” is just the perfect feel-good song, I wanted to grab my guitar and sing along. I imagined this tune playing on a road trip and everybody in the car shouting the lyrics, I saw it being played at a bonfire.

The production sounds very simple but incredibly refreshing and unique. From the description in their Instagram bio, Mar Malade are very conscious about the fact that their music makes you want to travel:

“Music that makes you travel – even from your window to the carpet!”

Their entire brand is built around “heartwarming and handmade” postcards, the ones your grandma sends you along with home-made marmalade. And if you were thinking what I was thinking… asking yourself if they’ve wrote about marmalade before, let me tell you that they have. “Marmalade” is another single that came out this year and is part of their “Postcards” EP that includes 5 tracks.

Mar Malade is not completely unknown, they have quite a good following on Spotify and are part of really influential editorial playlists, but I still wanted to write about “Mexico” because I believe they deserve even more. Their consistent and appealing style makes me really excited about their music and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

Listen to “Mexico” here:

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